Relax at Cannon Beach

About a month ago I asked my husband to book a spa getaway. He did not disappoint!

The last few months have been filled with so many stressful ups and downs, not just due to COVID, but from packing up our house and moving from California to Oregon. This night away was exactly what we needed to relax and recharge.

Sunday morning we dropped the kids off with Grandma and Grandpa and headed to The Tillamook Cheese Factory to eat lunch and charge the car. Unfortunately the line was way too long and after looking at their menu online I really didn't want anything they had. So we found the next closest place to eat, The Blue Heron French Cheese Company, and oh man I'm glad we did!

They have a deli and a store that contains way more than just cheese! We both order the Brie and Blackberry Jam panini, I had clam chowder and he had coleslaw. We ate outside in the sunshine watching the birds goats and then took some photos.

We did have to go back to Tillamook to charge the car, so we just sat and waited.

Almost as soon as we got to Cannon Beach it was time for our massage and body scrub! We stayed at the Hallmark Resort and Hotel right next to the water with an amazing view of Haystack Rock. I had a massage while Brandon had his body scrub and it was the BEST massage I have ever had. The massage therapist worked out so many knots and tight muscles from all of the moving and packing we have been doing.

Post massage modeling my Maverick the Collection Romper and Hey Mavens bralette!

SO COMFORTABLE! (Side note: I make sure my picture gets taken so my kids will have them to look back on when I pass away from old age)

That night we went to dinner a the Pelican Brewing Company and ordered fish & chips and flat bread. While waiting for our table we took a stroll down the street and discovered that puffins come to breed in the spring! I have always wanted to see a puffin in person so we will be coming back for that!

When we returned to the hotel after dinner we smelled so much smoke. It was coming from the multiple fires people were huddled around on the beach, and of course we needed to have our own! The hotel sells bundles of firewood and a s'mores pack for making ooey gooey s'mores on. the. beach. What more could we ask for?

The next morning Brandon had his massage while I had a body scrub and then we went back home refreshed and renewed! I can't wait for more getaways with my incredible husband.

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