Where to Next? Our Top 5

While this has been a restricted year for travel, it hasn't stopped us from planning for the future! I asked Brandon what his absolute top five trips are that he wants to do next. I made my own list and we had two in common.

My list:





African Safari

His list:




Sydney & New Zealand in the same trip

Norwegian Fjords (I should have had that on my list, too!)

Looks like our next trip is either to The Bahamas or Japan! We have already done tons of research for going to Japan, from customs to rail passes, where in the country we want to go. Spoiler alert: it's practically the entire country

We love tropical locations so of course The Bahamas is on there, but after watching Renovation Island on HGTV we want to go check out Cearula Mar Club. The water just looks so incredible, and since Brandon is a diver, of course this location is perfect.

What are your top 5?

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